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Book Information and Bookstore: Career Information

This section will help you to find books focusing on books that provide detailed informaition about a specific career.

A few book titles include their Dewey Decimal reference number so that you can quickly locate them at your local library. These call numbers follow the title.

If you want to purchase your books online, you can buy them here. Click on the book title of interest to you and you will be connected to

100 Best Careers for the 21st Century (331.702 F4560 1996)

100 Best Careers for the Year 2000 (331.702 F4560)

100 Best Careers in Crimefighting

100 Best Careers in Entertainment

100 Best Jobs for the 1990s & Beyond (331.702 k63o)

100 Jobs in Social Change

100 Jobs in Words (100 Jobs Series) (331.702 M613o)

100 Jobs in the Environment

100 Questions Every Working American Must Ask (332.024 b877o)

100 Words About Working

100 Words about Working

101 Careers : A Guide to the Fastest Growing Opportunities

25 Stupid Things Nurses Do to Self Destruct

3 Steps to Your Right Career : Lifeplan Professional Fulfillment Guide

Accumulated Appreciation : A Career Guide for Accounting Majors

Acting (Vgm Career Portraits)

Acting As a Business : Strategies for Success

Acting Is Everything : An Actor's Guidebook for a Successful Career in Los Angeles (792.028 K41a)

Acting Now : Conversations on Craft and Career

Acting Professionally : Raw Facts About Careers in Acting

Acting Truths and Fictions

Adventure Careers

Advertising Portfolio : Creating an Effective Presentation of Your Work (659.1 B279a)

Air Force Officer's Guide (31st Ed)

All You Need to Know About the Movie and TV Business (791.4302 R434a)

Allied Health Professions (351.3 A436)

Alternative Careers for Lawyers (Princeton Review)

America's 50 Fastest Growing Jobs, 3rd ed. (331.702 A512)

America's Fastest Growing Jobs (4th Ed) (331.702 A512)

America's Top 300 Jobs : A Complete Career Handbook (5th Ed. Issn 1076-3287) (331.702 A515)

America's Top 300 Jobs : A Complete Career Handbook (America's Top Jobs Series) (331.702 A515)

America's Top Medical, Education, & Human Services Jobs (3rd Ed) (610.69 F239A)

America's Top Office, Management, Sales, & Professional Jobs (3rd Ed)

America's Top Office, Management, and Sales Jobs

American Artisans : Crafting Social Identity, 1750-1850

America,s Top Jobs for College Grads (1st Ed)


Apparel and Accessories (Career Competencies in Marketing Series)

Arco College Not Required! : 100 Great Careers That Dont Require a College Degree

Army Officer's Guide (47th Ed)

Art (Vgm Career Portraits Art)

Aside from Teaching English, What in the World Can You Do? Career Strategies

Athlete's Guide to Career Planning

Becoming a Chef : With Recipes and Reflections from America's Leading Chefs (647.95 D713b)

Becoming a Manager (658.409 H646b)

Becoming a Physician : A Practical and Creative Guide to Planning a Career in Medicine

Becoming a Successful Artist

Best Jobs for the 1990s and into the 21st Century (331.702 K89b)

Black State of the Arts : A Guide to Developing a Successful Career As a Black Performing Artist

Breaking & Entering : Land Your First Job in Film Production

Breaking into Advertising : Making Your Portfolio Work for You

Breaking into Commercials : The Complete Guide to Marketing Yourself, Auditioning to Win, and Getting the Job (791.453 B514b)

Breakthrough : the career transition system for defense professionals

Career Choices for the 90's for Students of Mathematics (Career Choices for Students Of)

Career Choices for the Nineties (331.702 E559)

Career Opportunities in Travel and Tourism (338.4791 H395c)

Career Selector 2001

Careers for Hands-On Types (Choices)

Careers for Mystery Buffs & Other Snoops and Sleuths (Vgm Careers for You Series)

Careers for Night Owls & Other Insomniacs (Vgm Careers for You)

Careers for People Who Like People; Interviews (Choices) (J371.425 S559c)

Careers for Travel Buffs and Other Restless Types (Vgm Careers for You Series)

Careers for the '90s : Everything You Need to Know to Find the Right Career (331.702 C27165)

Careers for the Curious (Choices) (J371.425 S559c)

Careers in International Business (Vgm Professional Careers Series) (658.848 H192c)

Careerxroads : The 1998 Directory to Jobs, Resumes and Career Management on the World Wide Web

Creative Careers : Real Jobs in Glamour Fields

Dangerous Professions (Encyclopedia of Danger)

Designing Your Own Career : A Job-Hunting Guide for Administrators (And Would-Be Administrators)

Fast-Track Careers : A Guide to the Highest Paying Jobs

Federal Applications That Get Results : From Sf 171s to Federal-Style Resumes (Serial)

Federal Civil Service Jobs : The Complete Guide

Federal Jobs : The Ultimate Guide (2nd Ed)

Focus on Careers; A Reference Handbook (Teenage Perspectives)

From Residency to Reality

Getting an Academic Job : Strategies for Success (Survival Skills for Scholars , Vol 17)

Good Works : A Guide to Careers in Social Change (331.702 G646)

Great Jobs for Art Majors (Great Jobs Series) (702.3 C181g)

Great Jobs for Business Majors (Great Jobs Series)

Great Jobs for Communications Majors (Great Jobs)

Great Jobs for English Majors (Vgm's Great Jobs Series)

Great Jobs for Foreign Language Majors (Vgm's Great Jobs Series)

Great Jobs for History Majors

Great Jobs for Liberal Arts Majors (Great Jobs Series) (331.702 C181)

Great Jobs for Music Majors (Great Jobs For)

Great Jobs for Psychology Majors (Vgm's Great Jobs Series)

Great Jobs for Sociology Majors (Vgm Career Books)

Green at Work : Finding a Business Career That Works for the Environment (650.14 C6785g)

Hot Jobs; The No-Holds-Barred, Tell-It-Like-It-Is Guide to Getting the Jobs Everybody Wants

Household Careers : Nannies, Butlers, Maids & More : The Complete Guide for Finding Household Employment or 'If the Dog Likes You, You're Hired!'

How to Choose a Career Now That You're All Grown Up : Evaluating Your Interests, Abilities & Goals to Find the Career That's Right for You

How to Find Your New Career upon Retirement

How to Find a Job As a Paralegal : A Step-By-Step Job Search Guide

How to Get a Casino Job; As a Dealer, Slottechnician, Casino Host or Cashier

How to Help Your Child Land the Right Job (Without Being a Pain in the Neck)

How to Land Your First Paralegal Job : An Insider's Guide to the Fastest-Growing Profession of the New Millennium

Job Hunting for Pilots : Networking Your Way to a Flying Job

Job Hunting in Conservation

Job Search : Marketing Your Military Experience

Jobs and the Military Spouse : Married, Mobile and Motivated for the New Job Market

Jobs for English Majors and Other Smart People

Jobs for People Who Love to Travel : Opportunities at Home and Abroad (2Nd. Ed)

Life Outside the Law Firm : Non-Traditional Careers for Paralegals

Lifelong Career Planning

Making a Living While Making a Difference; A Guide to Creating Careers with a Conscience

National Resource Guide for the Placement of Artists : Databank Forartists Seeking Job Opportunities, Resources and Funding Sources in Any Arts Dis

Non-Profits' Job Finder : 1994-1995

Not Just a Secretary : Using the Job to Get Ahead

Outdoor Careers; Exploring Occupations in Outdoor Fields

Prison Officers and Their World

Real People Working in Service Businesses (On the Job)

Seeking Employment in Criminal Justice and Related Fields

Seeking Employment in Law Enforcement, Private Security, and Related Fields

The Actor's Guide to Qualified Acting Coaches : New York (Career Development Series)

The Administrative Assistant

The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries 1994-1995

The American Almanac of Jobs and Salaries 1997-1998 (Serial)

The Art of Blacksmithing

The Artist's Resource Handbook

The Big Book of Jobs

The Biz Careers Planning Guide : How to Prepare for Your Business Career

The Career Adventure : Your Guide to Personal Assessment, Career Exploration, and Decision Making

The Career Match Method: Getting the Job You Want in the '90s

The Career Trap : Breaking Through the 10-Year Barrier to Get the Job You Really Want

The Complete Guide for Occupational Exploration : An Easy to Use Guide to Exploring over 12,000 Job Title Based on Interests, Experience, Skills, and

The Complete Job-Finding Guide for Secretaries and Administrative Support Staff

The Health Care Executive Search : A Guide to Recruiting and Job Seeking

The Health Care Executive's Job Search : Tyler's Guide to Success (Management)

The Insider's Guide to the Top 20 Careers in Business and Management : What It's Really Like to Work in Advertising, Computers, Banking, Management, a

The One Hundred Best Jobs for the 1990's and Beyond

The Top 10 Career Strategies for the Year 2000 & Beyond

Tyler's Guide : The Healthcare Executive's Job Search

Working for Your Uncle : The Complete Guide to Finding a Job With the Federal Government

Working for the Railroad

Working in the Service Society (Labor and Social Change Series)
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