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Employment Information for the Disabled

The following links will be useful for disabled people seeking employment.

Alabama Department of Rehabiltation Services
Alaska Vocational Rehabilitation Services
Arizona Rehabilitation Services Administration
Assistive Technology Sites
California Department of Rehabilitation
Chapter 16-Vocational Rehabilitation and Other Rehabilitation
Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
Disability Associations
Employment Resources for People with Disabilities
Florida Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Georgia Division of Rehabilitation Services
How to Get Started with a State Vocational Rehab Agency
Idaho Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Iowa Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
JVS Baltimore List of Vocational Rehabilitation Web Sites
Job Accomodation Handbook
Job Analysis Information
Kansas Rehabilitation Services
Kentucky Department of Vocational Rehabilitation
Maryland Division of Rehabilitation Services
Massachuesetts Rehabilitation Commission
Minnesota Rehabilitation Services
Minnesota State Council on Disability
Missouri Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Montana Disability Services Division
National Federation of the Blind List of Rehabilitation Agencies
Nebraska Vocational Rehabilitation
Nevada Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation
New Jersey Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
North Carolina Division of Vocational Rehabilitation Services
OWCP-Office of Worker's Compensation Programs
Ontario Vocational Rehabilitation
Oregon Vocational Rehabilitation Division
Paraquad Guide to Disability Rights Laws
Pennsylvania Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
Placement Readiness Handbook
President's Committe on Employment of People with Disabilites
Rehabilitation Services Agencies Listed by State
Rhode Island Office of Rehabilitation Services
Section 504, Rehabilitation Act of 1973
Texas Rehabilitation Commission
Utah Rehabilitation Services
Vermont Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Virginia Department of Rehabilitative Sercvices
Wisconsin Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
Wyoming Division of Vocational Rehabilitation

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